Book Review: Dear America: A Line in the Sand, The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence (Gonzales, Texas 1836) by Sherry Garland

alineLucinda lives in Texas territory with her parents and brothers when Mexico and the U.S. begin warring over the territory. There is a memorable scene where Lucinda joins a nighttime party on the streets with music and dancing… but this is all I can really remember. The parts about the actual battle at the Alamo were a little difficult to follow, especially since the main character is a girl, and thus is not really at the scene of battle, only learning what happens secondhand. Afterwards, their family and neighbors embark on a horrid escape journey, running through the wilderness, many dying on the way as they escape, only to be told – after they’re past halfway  – that the war is over, it’s safe to go back. Not my favorite book in the series, but tells the story of the Alamo from an American girl’s perspective.