Series Review: The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, Volumes I – IV

pdWhen I was around age sixteen, I read the first four of Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries novels: The Princess Diaries, Princess in the Spotlight, Princess in Love, and Princess in Waiting. The books are the fictitious journals of Mia Thermopolis, a New York high schooler who is self-conscious about her flat chest and geeky status, among other things. She’s an ordinary teenaged girl in most ways: she lives with her mom, has a crush on her best friend’s brother, and loves environmentalism. But everything is about to change when she finds out that she is actually the princess of a small, European country called Genovia. Enter her formidable grandmother, grand-mere, who must give Mia “princess lessons” and is ever-displeased with Mia’s results.

I absolutely loved these books at the age when I read them. They were funny, easy reads, and sort of wish-fulfillment for every American girl who wishes she’d find out she was a princess. But as I grew older, I never finished the series.

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