Author Spotlight: Mitch Albom

To start with Mitch Albom’s best, in my personal opinion, The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a lovely book. I count it among my favorites. It tells the story of Eddie, an old carnival ride operator, after he dies. The premise is that, in heaven, each of us meets the five people whose lives we most affected, or who most affected our lives, whether we knew it or not. I thought the message at the end of the story was beautiful, and I kept turning the pages in anticipation of discovering the next person Eddie would meet. A great novel.

Tuesdays With Morrie is more of a memoir. Morrie was an old, ailing professor with whom Albom had many philosophical conversations, and recorded in this book. Morrie’s philosophy was simple yet uplifting, and remarkable for a man in his circumstances.

For One More Day is the parable of Charley, a.k.a. “Chick.” Chick’s a baseball player who has royally screwed up his life and is on the verge of suicide. That’s when his loving, deceased mother reappears, and he gets to spend one more day with her. He realizes he’s being given final opportunity to appreciate her, and apologize for all the times he wronged her.

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