Book Review: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron

shadowwindIn this thrilling and elegantly-written mystery, Carlos Ruiz Zafron vividly transports his readers to the streets of 1940s Barcelona. The Shadow of the Wind chronicles the story of Daniel, the Spanish son of an antique bookseller, whose fascination with a rare antique book unravels deep and troubling mysteries about its enigmatic author, Julián Carax. When Daniel discovers that all copies of Carax’s books are being inexplicably confiscated and destroyed, he’s determined to solve the puzzle, while in possession of what may be the last surviving Carax book.

A gothic tale to keep you up long into the night, with bold and memorable characters, as well as some very poetic and cleverly elegant passages, this story is both haunting thriller and love letter to literature. The Shadow of the Wind also contains one of my favorite literary characters, the eccentric and charming Fermín Romero de Torres. I hardly recall loving another writer’s character as intensely as I loved Fermín! A good read and on my list of favorites.

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