Book Review: The Inheritance Cycle, Books 1-3 by Christopher Paolini

inheritanceThe Inheritance Cycle is a YA fantasy series about dragons by Christopher Paolini. In Eragon, a boy called Eragon finds a mysterious egg, out of which a dragon hatches. From there, he must leave his family and home village with his mentor, Brom, to learn to become a dragon rider. On his journey, he kindles a deep bond with his dragon Saphira, develops a crush on an elf woman named Arya, and befriends a young man named Murtagh. All the while, however, Eragon knows he must face battle someday with the evil Galbatorix. I never finished the series, but particularly enjoyed the first two novels, Eragon & Eldest. The third novel, Brisingr, lost my interest in the series.

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