Book Review: Lady Macbeth’s Daughter by Lisa Klein

Another hit from Lisa Klein, Lady Macbeth’s Daughter retells the famous Shakespearean tragedy of Macbeth from the point of view of a female character– Macbeth’s secret lost daughter, Albia.

When Lady Macbeth gives birth to a baby girl with a clubbed foot, her husband Macbeth considers the babe cursed, and demands she be left outside to die. Lady Macbeth mourns for her daughter as her maid takes the baby away. But instead of adhering to Macbeth’s heartless orders, the maid gives the child to her sisters to raise in secret. Albia grows up in the simplicity of the woods, herding sheep in the pastures with her friends, completely unaware of her royal parentage.

In the meantime, Albia’s adoptive aunts’ false prophecies to Macbeth have begun to drive him mad. Macbeth and his wife murder the goodly King Duncan for their own gain, and all of Scotland suffers under Macbeth’s tyranny. Eventually, Albia is sent to live with Banquo, Macbeth’s loyal general, and Banquo’s family. There, she falls in love with his son, Fleance. Meanwhile, gifted with “the Sight,” Albia plays a pivotal role in the story’s well-known outcome. The book is also narrated in part by Lady Macbeth.

A well-woven tale rich with romance, intrigue, secrets, magic, history, beautiful Scottish scenery, and surprisingly multifaceted characters. Klein’s writing is elegant, tasteful and true to the era. This is an excellent novel!

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