Book Review: To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker

To Catch A Pirate is a merry, swashbuckling pirate-themed romance/adventure novel, penned by Jade Parker and published in May 2007. The paperback has since gone out of print, but I’m so happy to see it available in the e-market, for this novel was all-around perfect!!

Our entertaining story, taking place in the 1720s, follows young heroine Annalisa Townsend. Driven by the desire to avenge her father who was robbed by pirates, Annalisa forges a Letter of Marque and sails the high seas searching to regain the lost treasure. She soon develops a love triangle between her first mate, the gentlemanly Nathaniel Northrup, and the pirate they’ve taken prisoner, the rogue yet charming James Sterling.

Short and sweet, full of amusing dialogue and a few twists and turns, this book was awesome. It’s a fun adventure wrought with gentle, chaste romance, with characters to whom I became attached. I only wish there was more! This book was right up my alley!

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