Book Review: Beautiful Creatures (Book 1) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures (2009) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a contemporary paranormal teen romance. It’s a lot like Twilight, but set in the U.S. south, and told from the boy’s perspective.

Ethan Wate is a good southern boy in Gatlin, South Carolina, when a mysterious new girl arrives to his high school. With her strange abilities to break windows with her emotions and communicate with Ethan telepathically, it’s no surprise that Lena Duchannes (“rhymes with rain”) is a Caster (or witch). Because of her “differences,” however, she’s immediately out-casted by everyone except Ethan, who falls irrevocably in love with her. However, it’s forbidden – and impossible – for a Mortal and a Caster to share a future together.

Lena also has a colorful Caster family, who each possess their own supernatural gifts. Along with an historical Civil War subplot involving Lena’s great-great-great-great Caster grandmother and Ethan’s great-great-great-great Confederate soldier uncle, and the impending doom of Lena possibly turning into a Dark Caster on her sixteenth birthday, there is plenty of mystery to keep the reader invested. The first of a series, this book will enchant fans of Twilight and other teen readers interested in paranormal romance.

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