Book Review: Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Pretty Face (2008) by Mary Hogan is a short teen fiction about Hayley, a teen who’s self-conscious about her weight. Although people say she has a pretty face, being overweight in the vain land of Southern California isn’t easy. Hayley’s family is also a little dysfunctional, with her overbearing mother constantly pressing Hayley to lose weight. To make matters worse, Hayley’s crush is interested in her best friend, not her.

But when Hayley’s mother makes arrangements with an old college friend for Hayley to spend ten weeks in Umbria, Italy, everything is about to change. Hayley ultimately finds herself abroad. Italian culture is friendly, relaxed. Time moves slowly. There’s no fast food or rush hour, no televisions or computers. Hayley loses a little weight by walking daily up the hills of Assisi, and falls in love with an Italian boy, Enzo. A quick read for fans of travel romance. (Note to parents: This novel contains some [non-graphic] teen sex.)

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