Book Review: Amazon Lily by Theresa Weir


Twenty-five years old and engaged, Corey is a Midwestern farm girl on an assignment from her church to visit the Amazon jungle and help out the natives there. Little does she know that her week in the Amazon will turn out to be edgier, steamier, and more dangerous than she could’ve ever expected. Asher Adams, the bush pilot flying her into the jungle, is a rude, crude, and gritty ne’er-do-well. Their personalities immediately clash… but their bodies beg to differ, as an undeniable sexual attraction mounts between them.

Amazon Lily by Theresa Weir, originally published in 1988, is the first category romance novel for adults I’ve ever read! This novel charmed the pants off of me (okay, more like, Asher Adams charmed the pants off of me!). I had so much fun reading about the unlikely pair and their piping hot– and often, near-fatal– encounters in the exotic background of the Amazon jungle. Asher and his gravely voice, his chain-smoking, whiskey-drinking, rough-around-the-edges, devil-may-care attitude simply took my breath away. He was not the prototypical romantic hero I’d been expecting! I adore this book and recommend it to any romance or romantic-adventure fans.

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