Book Review: Catherine and the Pirate by Karen Hawkins

Teen historical romance Catherine and the Pirate by Karen Hawkins was published by Avon in 2002. On page one, we meet seventeen-year-old Catherine, a wealthy young woman living in Revolutionary-era Boston, the moment she discovers that her presumed-dead elder brother might actually still be alive. Intent on rescuing him, she seeks help from her brother’s handsome best friend, former pirate Derrick St. John – much to her stern and conniving Uncle Elliott’s dismay.

This novel is tasteful, addicting, true to the era, funny and romantic. I loved Catherine and Derrick’s building relationship from start to finish. It was believable, heartfelt and endearing. The way it developed was realistic and interesting. I also enjoyed the historical setting of colonial/Revolutionary America, the elements of adventure on the high seas, the family secrets, and all of the side characters – even the first mate, Smythe, and Catherine’s enormous dog, George, were memorable.

A chaste romance for younger readers, and one that adults can enjoy, too. The novel is currently out-of-print, but used copies are available online.

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