Book Review: Foreshadowed (Book 1 of the Near Deaths Series) by Holly M. Campbell

Foreshadowed is the latest 48fourteen novel by new author Holly M. Campbell, and is the best teen paranormal thriller I’ve read in a long time. It’s well-written, equally dark as it is funny, with a truly brilliant premise and a unique and interesting narrator.

The story centers around Hope, a high school junior who can read minds. This aspect of the story is well-done; the reader quickly understands both the downside and perks of Hope’s ability, and can empathize with her being considered a social outcast as such. However, Hope soon learns she’s not alone in the realm of paranormal abilities when she meets Lance, a new classmate with the ability to see how a person will die when he looks them in the eye. Since Hope can read minds, she sees her death in Lance’s thoughts when they meet. Eventually, the two will team together to try and stop her death – and the deaths of others.

Isn’t that such a freakin’ cool premise?! I think it’s brilliant. And the story delivers. I love Hope and Lance; they are both parts realistic and unusual, darkly funny and their banter felt natural. Even the secondary characters are complex, believable, and interesting to read about – especially Bryce, Hope’s shallow but caring next-door neighbor.

If you like teen paranormal thrillers with a dark edge, murder mysteries, and suspenseful books that are seamless and effortless to keep reading without putting down, I can’t recommend Foreshadowed enough. Congratulations to Campbell on her debut, and I eagerly await the next book in the Near Deaths series.

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