Book Review: A Pirate’s Ransom by Gerri Brousseau

I just love pirate romances, and was drawn in by the first page of this book, A Pirate’s Ransom by Gerri Brousseau. The story is about a young English countess called Catherine, who lives on one of the Spice Islands with her father. To avoid financial ruin, Lady Catherine must sail to London to wed an elderly Duke she’s never met. Aboard her ship, Catherine prays that something will stop her from arriving to London and having to marry the old man. Her prayer is promptly answered…in the form of being kidnapped by pirates!

Aboard The Lady Victoria, the pirate captain – the dark and brooding Edmund Drake – and most of his crew treat Catherine and her maid, Mary, fairly well. As it turns out, Catherine is being held ransom, so her virtue is not to be compromised. But she and Captain Drake begin to fall passionately in love, despite her pending engagement and his ransom plans for her.

I very much enjoyed this novel, especially the first two acts, which took place aboard the pirate ship. When Catherine gets kidnapped again, this time by Blackbeard, I adored the feisty Italian Contessa that she befriends. The last act of the novel takes place among English nobility as Lady Catherine prepares to enter into a loveless marriage to the Duke, all the while grappling with her love and desire for Edmund Drake. I did guess Captain Drake’s true identity early on, but I think the author wanted us to catch on before Catherine did.

I would give this book four stars and not five, only because I spotted a considerable number of small errors (“courtesy” instead of “curtsy”/”shown” vs. “shone”/”teaming” vs. “teeming”, occasional P.O.V. issues, and many repetitive descriptors – like the countless times Edmund Drake’s “green eyes danced with amusement”). While the manuscript needed another solid comb-through of editing, I still thoroughly enjoyed Gerri Brousseau’s steamy and exciting imagination. If you love lighthearted, sexy pirate romances, this one’s worth adding to your list.

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