Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir (2015) is the continuation of Kiera Cass’s original Selection trilogy, and the first book in (what I’m guessing will be) a new trilogy about the next generation of the Illéan royal family. I cannot believe this was nearly a 350-page book, because it felt so short! I absolutely devoured it and couldn’t put it down. Cass’s writing has only improved remarkably, and I marveled at her ability to delve right back into her previously established world and make it so fresh and interesting, yet so familiar.

Eadlyn Schreave is to be the next Queen of Illéa (a futuristic United States monarchy). It’s established that her parents have done away with the infamous caste system, yet the country’s still unsettled. Wealth isn’t being distributed evenly, and there’s even a great deal of “post-caste discrimination,” for which many are blaming the royal family. In order to distract the public and give them something more positive and exciting to talk about, Eadlyn’s parents talk her into holding the first ever female-led Selection, even though Eadlyn has no interest in marriage.

I enjoyed the contrast between Eadlyn and her mother. Unlike America, Eadlyn grew up as royalty, so she doesn’t share any of the same insecurities. Quite the contrary; Eadlyn is bossy, spoiled and powerful…and she knows it. She doesn’t want or need to be “rescued” by a man. I really admired her strength, and found her “black widow” nature refreshingly hilarious. I love that she’s so flawed and it’s clear by the end of the book that she will transform throughout the rest of her story.

Her Selected suitors aren’t quite as memorable as each of the girls America competed with in the first books, but two or three of the guys I found pretty intriguing – especially the one who only speaks Finnish! I was interested in Kile in the beginning, but I think he and Eadlyn ultimately want different lives. I’m curious to see where the new trilogy goes and whom she’ll end up choosing, if anyone. It’s also neat seeing the characters from the previous books again, this time as parents and more aged adults; I wasn’t sure what that would be like, but Cass handled it pretty well. (Aspen is gorgeous and amazing as usual, and I’m still in love with him.)

Overall, 100% recommended if you’ve read The Selection trilogy. The Heir definitely adds to the richness of Cass’s world, and is a seamlessly smooth, light and delectable read!

Memorable Quotes

“‘I’m not sure if fate or destiny is real. But I can tell you that sometimes the very thing you’ve been hoping for will walk through the door, determined to fend you off. And still, somehow, you will find that you are enough.'” -Maxon, p. 50-51

“I’m smart and beautiful and strong. I don’t need to be rescued.” -Eadlyn, p. 121

“‘What’s wrong with my tie?’ ‘Everything,’ I said. ‘Everything in the universe is wrong with this tie. I bet we could find world peace if we burned it.'” -Kile and Eadlyn, p. 167

“‘I can do more in ten minutes wearing this dress than most men can do all day wearing pants.'” -Eadlyn, p. 207

“I loved my dad. But I also loved myself. And I would have to live with me much longer.” -p. 212

“‘You can’t eat too many times.'” -America, p. 286

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