Book Review: See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter

“I am the villain of my own story.” – p. 120

See How They Run (Scholastic 2015) is the second book in Ally Carter’s Embassy Row series. I very much enjoyed the first novel, All Fall Down, and was eager to continue the series. The sequel did not disappoint.

We begin with our anti-heroine, Grace, who is more unhinged than ever, after having learned the awful truth about how her mother really died. About 25% into this book, I was actually considering quitting because Grace was becoming rather too angsty, and then a pair of boys literally fist-fighting over her seemed to take things over the top…until one of those boys winds up dead the next morning, causing a juicy international chaos that sucked me right back in.

Just like the first book, the story is action-packed as Grace pulls out all the stops to save her crush, the Russian boy-next-door Alexei, from a wrongful accusation of murder. I would’ve liked to see more of Grace’s other friends in this story – the Hebrew/Portuguese twins Noah and Lila, Rosie the German gymnast, and Megan the computer genius – as I feel their potential in the Embassy Row series has been thus far underutilized. But we got to meet Jamie, Grace’s older brother, about whom we heard so much in Book 1. The sequel ends without quite solving the mystery of who wants Alexei and Grace’s family dead, but with a major reveal that evokes modern 20th century legend surrounding the Romanovs of Russia (in particular, Anastasia). Another quick, easy, and non-stop read from Ally Carter, and I am eagerly awaiting the third book’s release in December.

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