Book Review: Heist Society (#1) by Ally Carter

“…[T]his might be, in every way, a ghost hunt, a fool’s errand. The greatest con the greatest con man to never live had ever pulled.” – 57%

Since I so thoroughly enjoyed her Embassy Row series, I’ve embarked up Ally Carter’s Heist Society trilogy. Heist Society (Disney-Hyperion, 2010) is the first book in this fun, YA heist adventure series.

Fifteen-year-old Katarina Bishop was born into a family of high-end art thieves. She tried to run away from crime life by enrolling in a prestigious private school, but her longtime billionaire friend (and potential love interest), W. W. Hale, has her expelled. And perfect timing, for it turns out a notorious villain is after Kat’s father for a theft Bobby Bishop insists he did not commit. In order to save her father, Kat must find out who stole Arturo Taccone’s five valuable paintings and steal them back for Mr. Taccone, before he kills her father.

Now, I’m a huge Oceans trilogy fan and a general lover of heist films, so this story spoke naturally to my interests. It’s lighthearted, cinematic, dryly humorous, and not bogged down with too many details – just how I like my easy YA escapes! If I could’ve changed one thing, I’d have preferred it to have been written in first person, like Carter’s other books, instead of third person. Otherwise, this book was a fun international romp through Europe and the U.S., with a colorful cast of teen collaborators, an impossible mission, a mystery Robin Hood figure, and surprises at every turn. I was 100% entertained and will be eagerly devouring Book 2!

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