Book Review: Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3) by Ally Carter

Perfect Scoundrels (Disney-Hyperion, 2013) is the third and final full-length book in the spectacular Heist Society trilogy by Ally Carter.

This time, it’s personal. There’s a con at play, but Kat Bishop and her gang aren’t the ones running it. Instead, the mark is one of their own: Kat’s boyfriend, Hale. When Hale’s grandmother dies and leaves her billion dollar company to the youngest, underage Hale – Kat’s Hale – his butler, Marcus, solicits Kat’s help. Marcus believes the grandmother’s will is a fake, and he wants Kat to find the real will. What’s Kat to do? She wants to help the butler and his sister, yet doing so might mean Hale discovering that he didn’t mean as much to his grandmother as he’d thought. For him, it’s not about the company or the money; he just misses is grandmother, and is deeply honored that she trusted and chose him. Kat feels terrible taking that away from him. But the truth is out there somewhere, and she decides ultimately to bring the situation to justice, with or without her boyfriend’s knowledge. (Which, knowing how Hale hates to be left out… Well, you can imagine where this is going!)

Perfect Scoundrels took the story and all my favorite characters in fun and frightening new directions. Hale’s family lawyer, Garrett, was probably the most aggravating villain in the series, and I enjoyed the complexity of his daughter, Tiffany. There was a little bit of overlap with the plot of Book 2 (Uncommon Criminals) – as in, the cons who get conned – but this volume was original enough to keep me invested. We also delve more into Kat’s and Hale’s respective families, and learn the sad truth about Hale’s abandonment by his parents; although we still never do find out what happened to Kat’s mother, which I wonder if Carter will address in a future book.

I’m sad that the official series is over for now, as I’ve grown quite attached to these characters and I think I liked this series even better than Embassy Row, but I’ve purchased Grift of the Magi on my Kindle and am glad that I get one last, short adventure with Kat & company. Five “stolen” stars to this kick-butt, truly original teen heist series! I cannot wait to dive into Gallagher Girls.

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