Book Review: Grave Little Secrets by Stacy R. Collins

*Full disclosure: I voluntarily received an ARC of this novel from the publisher and provided my honest review.

Grave Little Secrets (48fourteen, 2017) is the first novel of YA author, Stacy R. Collins. We meet Alex Spurlock early one summer morning, and immediately learn three things about her: she has a twin sister, their family has recently moved to a new town, and Alex is hiding a terrible secret. The once-popular Alex punishes herself by quarantining herself to her home and not associating with anybody in New Hope, Rhode Island. But soon, she begins to receive threatening notes, packages, and text messages from someone who knows what she did.

Getting to the heart of what Alex’s devastating secret is, where her father has gone and why, and who’s stalking her will keep readers eagerly turning the pages. Even when we discover the answers to these gripping questions, there are more twists to come. The third act takes on a darker and more tragic tone than expected; although, despite the serious subject matter, readers will find a certain charm and authenticity in Alex’s brusque humor.  This is an edgy, contemporary new YA thriller told with honesty and grit. As a general advisory for this genre, I should note that it contains some explicit language. Congratulations, Mrs. Collins, on your debut!

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