Editor’s Review: Cursed: The Hunter Inside, Part 1 by Casey M. Millette

cursed*I was the editor of this novel for The Parliament House Press.

Cursed: The Hunter Inside, Part 1 (The Parliament House Press, 2018) by Casey M. Millette is my favorite debut epic fantasy novel to date. I am not saying that because I happened to be the editor of this fantastic novel. Nor am I saying that because the wildly talented author wrote it at only sixteen years young (although that is hella impressive). On its own merits, Cursed is an exemplary epic adventure that hearkens back to all the best elements of classic fantasy, yet is as original as it is readable and exciting.

In the story, we follow the quest of young Aldor and his merry band of misfits through mythic kingdoms, dragon-ridden mountains, and enchanted caves by desert, forest, and sea. The fun is nonstop, the characters are colorful, the romance is heartfelt, and the world-building is…well, out of this world. Millette writes with all the mastery of an old pro and easily rubs elbows with the likes of Rowling, Pierce and Paolini. I enthusiastically recommend this swashbuckler by this promising new author to every YA epic fantasy fan out there!

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