Meet the Heroine: Abi

It’s time for our very first #WriterWednesday! We’re ringing in the New Year with my #MeetTheHeroine series. For the next 15 weeks on my blog, I’ll be featuring a heroine from one of my books, every Wednesday. Let’s dive in with our first heroine from my pirate romance novel, Capturing the Captain:

Meet Abi

Photography by Joanna Nix. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Abigail Clear

Featured in: Capturing the Captain: American Pirate Romances #1 by C.K. Brooke

Era: 1720

From: The Delaware Colony

Status: Outlaw. Daughter of a colonial pirate lord.

Distinguishing characteristics: Red hair & a temper to match it

Motivations: Loyalty to her father, which becomes conflicted with her forbidden affections for one of his enemies

Abi’s Story
Abi didn’t ask to be captured…and she certainly didn’t plan on falling for the surly privateer who has apprehended her. Can she trust the elusive Captain Morrow? Can she even trust her own heart?

Find out in this swashbuckling historical romance novel, available in paperback & ebook! 

Limitless Publishing:

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