Meet the Narrator: Mary Lehnert

Mary Lehnert is the narrator of The Golden Dove audio book. Today we’ll learn a little more about her. Thanks, Mary!

Born and educated in North Yorkshire, England, Mary now is an American citizen having traveled worldwide with her husband’s job in the oil industry. She loved romance in her youth, living vicariously through all the heroines in books such as the ones C.K. writes. Still a confirmed romantic and hoping to always be, she now uses her experience as a radio broadcaster to narrate audio books.

Aside from Brooke’s The Golden Dove, which flowed seamlessly for Mrs. Lehnert, she is proud to have narrated A Collie Dog’s Tale by Dorothy M. Mitchell, a book that gives an evocative picture of life in the sheep farms and romance of English country life. The Girl with the Faraway Eyes by Ric Wasley—recorded under her pseudonym, Lyn Hart—is a wild, breathless ride through the occult of Germany and its history. Her most difficult work was The Garnet Bracelet by Alexander Kuprin, a daunting test of her acting chops.

You can find all of Mary’s audio books, and sample them, here on Audible.

Once again: thank you, Mary, for being today’s feature! In the coming weeks, we’ll meet more of the talented voices who narrate my other audio books. Stay posted & happy reading – er, listening!

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