Meet the Heroine: Em

Meet Em

Photography by Kenny Luo. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Emeline Winthrop

Featured in: Commanding His Heart: American Pirate Romances #2 by C.K. Brooke

Era: 1785, Post-Revolutionary U.S.

From: Jamestown, Virginia

Status: Farmer’s daughter. Industrious maker of cheese & soap.

Distinguishing characteristics: Long, raven hair; hopeless romantic

Motivations: A happy future. She refuses to be condemned to a lifetime of mistreatment by a cruel, older man.

Em’s Story
Em just wants a say in her own future, and she’s willing to do almost anything to get it – including flee her parents’ farm in the night and stow away aboard a ship she knows nothing about…which turns out to be a pirate ship! Fortunately, a trusted naval commander is also on board, and comes to her rescue by pretending to be her husband. It’s not long before Em comes to wish they weren’t just pretending. But why is the commander mixed up with pirates? Could it be because there’s already another woman in his life?

See What Happens in This Sweet Historical Romance Adventure, Available in Paperback & eBook!

Limitless Publishing:

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