Meet the Heroine: Eponina

Meet Eponina

Photography by Alice Alinari. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Lady Eponina Glen Wilqen

From: Bainherd Plains, West Halvea, World of Jordinia

Status: Princess of the Bainherd Plains

Distinguishing characteristics: Opalescent eyes, gossamer-like hair

Bright and clever, Princess Eponina longs for the opportunity to use her intellect and be involved in matters of political importance.

Eponina’s Story
Eponina is young yet sharp, a vat of simmering potential demanding to be honed. Her father, the King of the Bainherd Plains, warns that a husband won’t fancy a wife who has her own mind. But Eponina has other ideas…and so does the duke who falls for her…

Learn more about Princess Eponina in The Duchess Revival: Jordinia, Book 3!



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