Meet the Heroine: Néandra

Meet Néandra 

Photo by Luke Braswell. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Néandra Konina Gatspierre Ducelle


Featured in: The Last Empress: A Jordinia Prequel by C.K. Brooke

Empress of Jordinia

Distinguishing characteristics: Dark hair, soft-spoken, always sees the best in people—arguably to a fault.

Motivations: With traditional values yet an optimistic spirit, Néandra is motivated by duty to family and country, and by her belief that God has a plan for her and her children.

Néandra’s Story
Graced with unshakable optimism and the belief that there’s some good to be found in everyone, Lady Néandra is known as “the people’s empress”. However, her good intentions coupled with her aloof husband’s neglect ultimately get her mixed up with a progressive young thinker whose radical ideas could very well lead to the downfall of her regime. Will Néandra betray her spouse and country for the secret, unfulfilled yearnings of her heart? Or will she remain faithful to the emperor, even if it means perishing at his side?


Read more for FREE on Wattpad, The Last Empress: A Jordinia Prequel.

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