Meet the Heroine: Guinevere

Meet Guinevere

Full Name: Guinevere Pendrakon

From: Camylot

Featured in: I, Guinevere by C.K. Brooke

Status: Queen-to-be of Camylot

Distinguishing characteristics: Long blond hair; has a special, innate connection to the sword, Exkalibur

Motivations: Fighting for the ones she cares about, becoming the queen her kingdom needs.

Guinevere’s Story
On the winter solstice, a mysterious sword appears in a stone in the churchyard. Fifteen-year-old Guinevere is the only one who can remove it. Her ability to wield Exkalibur proves the unthinkable—that Guinevere is, somehow, the blood of Pendrakon and heir to the vacant throne of Camylot. Now she must learn from Merlyn, Vivien, and Lancelot how to protect herself and her kingdom from the Saxyns, despite her doubts and her humble origins. Will she summon the power within, or is Camylot already destined to fall?

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