Meet the Heroine: Shell

Meet Shell

Photo by Emily Goodhart. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Roshelle

Featured in: Shell: A YA Mermaid Short Story by C.K. Brooke

From: Eastern shore, Maryland

Status: Middle school student

Distinguishing characteristics: Beachy blonde hair, an alleged “skin condition,” according to her mom, that prevents her from submerging in water.

Motivations: The sea…it beckons her.

Shell’s Story
Weird things happen whenever Shell is near water. That’s all she really knows. Even though she lives by the ocean, her mother won’t allow her to swim, due to a supposed “skin condition” Shell has. But her best friend’s party is coming up, and they’re all going to the beach. This time, will she be bold enough to answer the ocean’s call?

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