Meet the Hero: James

Meet James

Full Name: Captain James Morrow

Featured in: Capturing the Captain by C.K. Brooke

From: Outer Hebrides, Scotland in 1720

Privateer, pirate catcher. Captain of The Indomitable

Distinguishing characteristics: Muscular, broad shouldered, shaved head with a scar going up the side.

Motivations: Atonement, the quest for freedom and pardon for himself and his shipmates.

James’ Story:
James is a privateer captain with a checkered past. To atone for that past and pardon his name, he’s become a pirate hunter on the Atlantic. His biggest enemy at large: the captain of The Sukkubus, who stole something very important from him—something James must return to the Crown if he ever wishes to restore his freedom and that of his crew. But in his hunt for the elusive captain, he’s accidentally captured the enemy’s unruly grown daughter. But is James the one who becomes her captive?

Sail the seas of passion in Capturing the Captain: American Pirate Romances #1 by C.K. Brooke!

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