Meet the Hero: Miers

Meet Miers

Full Name: Commander Miers Redding

Featured in: Commanding His Heart by C.K. Brooke

From: New Haven, Connecticut. Post-Revolutionary War 1780s

Status: Commander in the Continental Navy during the Revolutionary War

Distinguishing characteristics: Tall. Dark curls; gentle, patient, slightly distracted demeanor.

Motivations: Rescuing the innocent and protecting those he loves.

Miers’ Story:
A goodhearted Quaker from New Haven, Connecticut in the 1780s, Miers Redding served as a naval commander in the Continental Navy during the Revolutionary War. Yet now he’s joined ranks with a band of pirates, as they’re the only ones who can help him pay a ransom in a secret rescue mission. But when a young woman from Jamestown follows him aboard The Black Rose, his entire mission—as well as her virtue—is threatened. To save both of them, Miers pretends to be her husband. But he well knows the pretty young lady is engaged to marry someone else; not to mention, if that doesn’t keep them apart, then the implications of his dangerous mission certainly will…

Embark upon the voyage with Miers and Emeline in Commanding His Heart: American Pirate Romances #2!

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