Meet the Hero: Bos

Meet Bos

Photo by Miranda Wipperfurth. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Boslon Visigoth

Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, The Duchess Revival, and The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke

From: Dekantor, Jordinia

Status: Woodworker

Distinguishing characteristics: Exceedingly tall, often described as a giant. Blond hair and beard. Serious, pacifist, noble. Devout royalist.

Motivations: King and country. Traditionalism and righteousness. Honor, dignity, nobility. Loyalty, fealty.

Bos’s Story
A simple woodworker from the north, Bos watched his entire family perish at the hands of ruthless rebels during the first Jordinian War of the Revolution. Bos remains loyal to the emperor, even though the empire has long since fallen. When Bos hears word, however, that the emperor’s only daughter might still be alive, nothing—not even the law—will stop him from joining the search party to seek her.

Join the search in The Duchess Quest: Jordinia, Book I by C.K. Brooke!
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