Meet the Hero: Mac

Meet Mac

Full Name: Marley Macmillan

Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, The Duchess Revival, The Duchess’s Descendants, and The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke

From: Jordinia and the Knights’ Forest

Status: Forest dweller on a quest

Distinguishing characteristics: Dark hair, freckles, hazel eyes. Average height and build. Sweet, brave, and trustworthy. Often the voice of reason, but can also be hotheaded, impulsive, and quick to make judgments.

Motivations: A life and love of his own. Mac just wants to be the hero of his own adventure, marry a nice girl, and have a family someday.

Mac’s Story:

Born and raised in the isolation of the Knights’ Forest, Mac has only known his mother and their small cottage in the woods. When he hears word of a quest to seek a lost duchess, offering a considerable prize and the girl’s marriage hand as the reward, he doesn’t need persuading. But he’s soon saddled with an gregarious conman and a zealous giant on the quest. It further complicates things when they find the girl and she’s everything Mac ever dreamed she’d be…but competing with the others to win her heart is another matter entirely.

Read how the tale unfolds in The Duchess Quest: Jordinia, Book I by C.K. Brooke!
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