For writers who are stuck.

There will be many trials and many errors.
There will be many failed attempts.
Many experiments will go wrong, while some go nowhere at all.
There will be false positives and silver linings.
Frustration and hours of dullness and darkness will prevail, for a time.
There will be lonely, listless days and electric, sleepless nights.
Stay authentic, whatever you do.
Don’t write anything that isn’t calling to you.
You’ll know it’s right when it’s got your scent, your trademark, your fingerprints all over it.
Forget what you’ve learned.
Break all the rules.
Un-confine yourself from the box you’ve been living in.
These walls are illusions.
The only thing blocking the flow is the fact you haven’t been giving yourself permission to be yourself.
In truth, there’s only you and the words no one’s written before.
Nothing stands between you.
Write them.

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