Meet the Merry Maidens

My upcoming novel, Marian, Princess Thief: A Robin Hood Retelling, is full of strong, kick-butt heroines! In preparation for its release, I thought I’d let you in on a special preview of the characters, Lady Marian’s Merry Maidens:

Name: Alaina Dale
Pseudonym: “Alan-a-Dale”

Origin: Once a minstrel in a traveling pack of troubadours
Outlawed: By choice
Weapon of choice: Her voice or dagger
Traits: Animated, lighthearted, and always merry, even in the midst of danger. A talented bard, ballad composer, and actress. Can imitate voices, tell stories, and play multiple instruments.

Name: Little Jane
Pseudonym: “Little John”

Origin: Strongest girl in her village
Outlawed: For being masculine and competitive, deemed unmarriageable. 
Weapon of choice: Bow & arrows
Traits: Strong, athletic, skilled hunter and archer. Tall, muscular. While she may be a woman of few words, she is fiercely loyal with the heart of a warrior.

Name: Willa Scarlett
Pseudonym: “Will Scarlet”

Origin: Fitznotsley
Outlawed: Promiscuity
Weapon of choice: If not her womanly wiles, a sword
Traits: Attractive, seductive, opinionated, brave, sense of humor. Unafraid to challenge authority and speak her mind. Can be hotheaded.

Name: Midge the Miller’s Daughter
Pseudonym: “Much the Miller’s Son”

Origin: Daughter of a miller
Outlawed: Killing a man in self-defense
Weapon of choice: Axe
Traits: Small in stature but bighearted. Though frequently anxious or apprehensive, she overcomes it through her bravery. Midge is often the cautious one and a voice of reason.

Name: Satara
Pseudonym: The Saracen

Origin: Unknown
Outlawed: Likely escaping persecution
Weapon of choice: Scimitar
Traits: Satara doesn’t speak the maidens’ tongue and is mostly silent, but they suspect she’s on the run from persecution as a Saracen woman. She is a master seamstress and cook, and manages the maidens’ costumes and disguises. She’s also deadly with a scimitar. 

Name: Sister Mary Tuck
Pseudonym: “Friar Tuck”

Origin: Nun from a convent
Outlawed: Fleeing the convent to escape priestly abuse
Weapon of choice: Prayer
Traits: Sweet and unassuming. A woman of great faith, she would’ve been happy in the convent – if not for all the lust and corruption. Tuck is often the moral guidepost of the group.

Name: Lady Marian
Pseudonym: “Rob-in-Hood”
Origin: Princess of Sherwood
Outlawed: Rebelling against her uncle, Prince John’s despotic reign over Sherwood in her father’s absence 
Weapon of choice: Bow & arrows
Traits: Strong-willed, courageous, and a bold leader, Marian is on a vendetta to commit every act of rebellion in her power to undermine her uncle’s reign, including stealing from his rich supporters & benefactors to give to the suffering poor.

…and Meet the Villain

Name: Rainault Wendenal
Title: Sheriff of Nottingham

Hair: Black hair & beard
Eye color: Midnight

Rob-in-Hood’s sworn enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, will stop at nothing to catch the lawless thief and his so-called Merry Men. He isn’t expecting to be the one who’s caught…


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