Meet the (Other) Hero: Dmitri

Meet Dmitri

Full Name:
Dmitri Straussen

Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke

From: Tybiria, East Halvea, World of Jordinia

Status: Crown Prince of Tybiria

Distinguishing characteristics: Tall, blond, and bespectacled. Loves books and reading poetry and novels. Often lost in his own daydreams.

Motivations: Until his imprisonment, his biggest aspiration was to write his own novel. Now he wants to break free—and find a way to be with the mysterious and brilliant girl who is helping him.

Dmitri’s Story:

Dmitri is the Crown Prince of Tybiria. Unlike his younger brother, Dmitri isn’t very athletic and never considered himself a talented soldier. But he’s been credited for killing an enemy prince in battle—landing Dmitri in the clutches of the prince’s father, the deranged King of Llewes. Locked away in the tower’s keep at Wintersea Fortress, Dmitri has been left to die. But a mysterious young woman discovers him there and helps keep him alive. They conceive a plan to break him out. But will it work in time? And as he grows fonder of the girl who sustains him, what of the bride back at home that his parents have chosen for him?

Discover Dmitri’s fate in The Wrong Prince!

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