Fiction I Read in 2019

Twenty-nineteen was a busy year for me! Between releasing several publications, freelancing for a publisher, a major website overhaul and relocation, and life in general with my family, I took a break from writing book reviews for the year. But that doesn’t mean I took a break from reading!

While I mostly read nonfiction last year, here are the fiction titles I did read:

Suspenseful, addicting, and edgy! Can’t wait for the sequel.
A love letter to New Orleans. Couldn’t connect as much to the characters, but voice and setting were well-executed.
Exceptional, fantastic YA dystopia! And I was the editor of this awesome book. 🙂
Twilight with Mermaids!
Twilight with Mermaids: Part II!
The best middle-grade novel I’ve read in possibly ever. I bought copies for everyone. Touching, beautiful story.
A classic I can’t believe I ever overlooked! Adored this story – will go down as a favorite.
A Riordan-esque romp with the Aztec gods. I love that the MC’s disability turned out to be his superpower. Couldn’t stand Brooks, though.
Super cute MG! A girl and her horse, a mythical kingdom.
Much-anticipated sequel to one of my all-time favorite YA romances. Felt a bit rushed, but was an engaging read.
Very cool academy-style dystopia about clones. Ended with a BANG. Am currently reading the sequel!

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