Anyone Can Write! ✒

To all aspiring writers: Have you always dreamed of writing a book but aren’t sure where to start? Do you know there’s a story or message inside you, if you only had the tools to uncover it? Do you want to be an author but doubt whether you’re talented, educated, or qualified enough?

Anyone can write a book—that includes you! In my new friendly, clear, and straightforward handbook, I’ll walk you through my 8 simple yet action-packed, tried-and-tested steps to turn your writing dreams into reality, from conception to completion of your own book.

Discover my secrets, tips, and tricks on topics including:

  • Brainstorming prompts for both fiction and non-fiction
  • Where to seek inspiration and how to organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Establishing your writer’s voice using tone, tense, and point of view
  • Determining your work’s genre, audience and length
  • Pacing and structuring your personal writing schedule
  • Combatting writer’s block, guilt, and distractions
  • Working with critique partners, beta readers, and editors
  • How to rock a book signing

…and much more!

Take the first step toward your writing dreams: Download my new e-book today!

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Until the next book,

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