When I was a little girl, my father, a dentist, used to travel to dental conventions around the world. From his travels, he would bring me back little trinkets and gifts. A doll, a genie lamp. A piece of petrified coral, a new dress. But my favorite of the presents he brought me was a … Continue reading Treasure

Anyone Can Write! ✒

To all aspiring writers: Have you always dreamed of writing a book but aren't sure where to start? Do you know there's a story or message inside you, if you only had the tools to uncover it? Do you want to be an author but doubt whether you're talented, educated, or qualified enough?Anyone can write a … Continue reading Anyone Can Write! ✒

“Lady Greensleeves” is a Free Audio Book on YouTube!

Lady Greensleeves, my novelized adaptation of the folksong "Greensleeves," is now a free audio book you can listen to on YouTube! Start listening here:

“Shell: A Short Story” is a Free Audio Book on YouTube! You can now listen to my #YAMermaid short story, Shell, as a free audio book on YouTube! Or, you can read the ebook right here.

Review My ARCs

Are you an avid reader, writer/reviewer, or book blogger? Seeking to grow your audience, get more reads, or simply fill your life with fun new books before they're released? Join my ARC review team and receive free ebooks and digital audio book codes for review! Complete the form to apply today Embedded link above not … Continue reading Review My ARCs

The Perks of Being a Hybrid Author

When I sat down to write this article, I originally wanted to title it, 'Why I Love Self-Publishing!' But when I really began to envision my preface about how much my publishers have taught me, and what an integral part of my writer's journey they've been, I realized pretty quickly that I am only a … Continue reading The Perks of Being a Hybrid Author

The 10 Gifts of Writer’s Block

Writer's block is a lot like pain. And I don't just mean that it hurts. But, like pain, block is a sign that something is wrong. That something needs changing or repair. The body has an amazing nervous system designed to (among other things) alert us if anything's awry. If we couldn't feel pain, then … Continue reading The 10 Gifts of Writer’s Block

For writers who are stuck.

There will be many trials and many errors.There will be many failed attempts.Many experiments will go wrong, while some go nowhere at all.There will be false positives and silver linings.Frustration and hours of dullness and darkness will prevail, for a time.There will be lonely, listless days and electric, sleepless nights.Stay authentic, whatever you do.Don't write … Continue reading For writers who are stuck.

Repost: Handling the touchy topic of feminism in historicals

The following is a repost of a guest article I wrote for Jennifer M. Eaton's blog in December 2016, originally entitled "Handling historical attitudes in a millennial feminist world":Make no mistake, I consider myself a Feminist. I’m not old enough to have fought for it; I was simply fortunate enough to have been born into … Continue reading Repost: Handling the touchy topic of feminism in historicals

Why enemies-to-lovers is my favorite romance trope

Let's clear up one thing first: "trope" is not a bad word. Neither is it an insult. A trope, for the purposes of this post, is a common theme or archetype that frequently appears in stories. The 'damsel in distress' has historically been a popular trope in storytelling - albeit, one that's losing significant steam … Continue reading Why enemies-to-lovers is my favorite romance trope

Why Prophecy is the laziest literary device

I'll never forget waiting three years between releases of the fourth and fifth Harry Potter novels. Rumor had it, we were finally going to find out WHY the evil Lord Voldemort had tried to kill innocent Harry as a baby. That was the crux of the whole series, wasn't it? The morning of Order of the … Continue reading Why Prophecy is the laziest literary device

Mailbag: Suggestions for writing action scenes

I recently received this email from fellow Michigan writer, Jaclyn E. Dunlop. She had a very good question: Jaclyn's Email: Hey. Do you have any suggestions on how to write a combat scene? ...My main character is fighting a dragon to prove her worth, and I'm not sure how to go about it. C.K.'s Response:The … Continue reading Mailbag: Suggestions for writing action scenes

What inspires my stories?

When I sit down to brainstorm or outline a new book, I always start with one question: What intrigues me?Reconnecting with my younger self, I recall the stories, secrets, mysteries, and phenomena that once sparked a burning curiosity within my adolescent mind. What was forbidden and what was taboo? What was sneaky and tempting and … Continue reading What inspires my stories?

On Writing

Some days, it's easier to be anything but a writer. It's easier to applaud others' accomplishments than to put our own stuff out there. It's safer to read someone else's work than to painstakingly compose our own, then release it and let it be rejected, criticized, or worst of all, totally ignored. It's easier just … Continue reading On Writing

How Many “Master Plots” Have I Written?

I'm looking at a fascinating book for writers called 20 Master Plots: And How to Build Them by Ronald B. Tobias (here's the link on Amazon). While scrolling through the table of contents, I realized I've used some of these themes, and thought it would be fun to list them here on my blog. The ones I … Continue reading How Many “Master Plots” Have I Written?

My Story: Part 2 (Happily Ever After)

Did you miss my Once Upon a Time? Read Part 1. The Plot Thickens... Had I known what I was getting myself into when I began writing The Duchess Quest, I would've been too horrified to even try! (I suppose the same can be said of childbirth.) Therefore, I am grateful for my ignorance at the time! … Continue reading My Story: Part 2 (Happily Ever After)

My Story: Part 1 (Once Upon A Time…)

I don't generally get too personal online, and I try to keep my posts about my or other people's books, rather than about myself. However, I've read some inspiring stories by other authors brave enough to speak of their writing and publication journeys, and thought perhaps it was time to share my own. In two … Continue reading My Story: Part 1 (Once Upon A Time…)