Meet the (Other) Hero: Dmitri

Meet Dmitri Full Name: Dmitri Straussen Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke From: Tybiria, East Halvea, World of Jordinia Status: Crown Prince of Tybiria Distinguishing characteristics: Tall, blond, and bespectacled. Loves books and reading poetry and novels. Often lost in his own daydreams. Motivations: Until his imprisonment, his biggest aspiration was to write … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Hero: Dmitri

Meet the (Other) Hero: Raul

Meet Raul Photography by Giulia Pugliese. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Raul Petigya Featured in: The Emperor’s Daughters: Jordinia, Book 5 by C.K. Brooke From: Halai, Heppestoni Status: Former foot soldier, builder. Distinguishing characteristics: Dark skin tone, warm eyes, sharp-witted. Motivations: Homeland, service, and helping others. Raul’s Story: Once a foot soldier lost in the … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Hero: Raul

Meet the (Other) Hero: Bram

Meet Bram Photo by Paolo Nicolello. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Officer Abram Visigoth Featured in: The Duchess’s Descendants: Jordinia, Book 4 by C.K. Brooke From: Pierma, Jordinia Status: Officer of the Royal Guard Distinguishing characteristics: Very tall. Calm demeanor. Dark eyes and hair with a violet sheen. Motivations: Duty, honor, and service. Compassion. Bram’s … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Hero: Bram

Meet the Merry Maidens

My upcoming novel, Marian, Princess Thief: A Robin Hood Retelling, is full of strong, kick-butt heroines! In preparation for its release, I thought I'd let you in on a special preview of the characters, Lady Marian's Merry Maidens: Name: Alaina DalePseudonym: “Alan-a-Dale”Origin: Once a minstrel in a traveling pack of troubadoursOutlawed: By choice Weapon of … Continue reading Meet the Merry Maidens

Meet the Hero: Prime Minister Rhoades

 Meet Prime Minister Rhoades Photo by Clem Onojeghuo. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Prime Minister Nathaniel Rhoades Featured in: The Golden Dove by C.K. Brooke From: The Kingdom of Dorsett Status: Prime Minister of Dorsett Distinguishing characteristics: Tall, slender, thin mustache. Prefers books to crowds.Motivations: His love of history and facts propels the young prime minister … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Prime Minister Rhoades

Meet the Hero: Archer

Meet Archer Full Name: Archer CrossFeatured in: Fool Moon by C.K. Brooke From: Cree Status: Self-proclaimed highwayman hunter Distinguishing characteristics: Brown hair, goatee. Carries a bow & arrow and rides a golden horse called Sunbeam. Motivations: Ridding the roads of highwaymen, protecting the innocent, restoring justice his way and making a living in the process. … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Archer

Meet the Hero: Lancelot

Meet Lance Full Name: Lancelot "Lance" Dulac Featured in: I, Guinevere by C.K. Brooke From: Dulac’s Farm, Camylot, Isle of the Bryttons Status: Farmer’s son, swordsman hobbyist Distinguishing characteristics: Young and handsome. Brown hair and amber-gold eyes. Skilled and promising swordsman. Motivations: Lance has long dreamed of wielding his beloved sword, Secace, in the queen’s … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Lancelot

Meet the Hero: Orion

Meet Orion Full Name: Orion, Son of Poseidon Featured in: Secrets of Artemis by C.K. Brooke From: Ancient Greece Status: Hunter god Distinguishing characteristics: Orion, the god, is best described as a gentle giant. He is tall and muscular, has a dog named Scorch, and can walk on water. He's often rumored to be hunting … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Orion

Meet the Hero: Geo

Meet Geo Full Name: Georome Straussen Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke From: Tybiria, East Halvea, World of Jordinia. Status: The younger Prince of Tybiria Distinguishing characteristics: Raven hair, athletic, courageous. Can be reckless but for noble causes. Motivations: Loyalty and family. Will do anything for his brother. Geo’s Story:Although the two couldn’t … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Geo

Meet the Hero: Robin

Meet Robin Photo by William Carlson. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Robin Watkins Featured in: The Red Pearl by C.K. Brooke From: Innía, Otlantica, World of Jordinia Status: Adventurer on a treasure hunt Distinguishing characteristics: Auburn hair and beard, blue eyes.  Has a black dog, Maverick, that goes with him everywhere. Motivations: Chasing down his … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Robin

Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet Jothann Photo by Daan Mooij. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Jothann von Sparx Featured in: The Last Empress by C.K. Brooke From: District of Turane, Jordinia Status: Former scholar and paperboy turned soldier. Secret leader of an underground revolution. Distinguishing characteristics: Young, blond, contemplative, fiercely intelligent. Humble, gentle, idealistic and progressive. Motivations: Enlightenment, revolution, … Continue reading Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet the Hero: Casmir

Meet Casmir Full Name: Casmir Abdul Featured in: The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke From: Al-Habar Status: Sultan of Al-Habar Distinguishing characteristics: Tan, shaved head, aquiline nose. Liquid brown eyes, broad-shouldered, extremely handsome. Deep voice. Patient, slow to anger; but once angry, his justice can be formidable. Motivations: Making his nation a better place and … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Casmir

Meet the Hero: Drew

Meet Drew Photo by Austin Human. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Andrew Cosmith Featured in: The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke From: Jordinia Status: Fourth son of the Duke and Duchess of Jordinia Distinguishing characteristics: Shaggy, unkempt hair; a crooked nose. Talks a big game but is mostly all talk. Infuriatingly cocky but hilariously incompetent. … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Drew

Meet the Hero: Mac

Meet Mac Full Name: Marley Macmillan Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, The Duchess Revival, The Duchess’s Descendants, and The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke From: Jordinia and the Knights’ Forest Status: Forest dweller on a quest Distinguishing characteristics: Dark hair, freckles, hazel eyes. Average height and build. Sweet, brave, and trustworthy. Often … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Mac

Meet the Hero: Bos

Meet Bos Photo by Miranda Wipperfurth. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Boslon Visigoth Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, The Duchess Revival, and The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke From: Dekantor, Jordinia Status: Woodworker Distinguishing characteristics: Exceedingly tall, often described as a giant. Blond hair and beard. Serious, pacifist, noble. Devout royalist. Motivations: … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Bos

Meet the Hero: Jon

Meet Jon Photo by Craig Whitehead. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Jonwal Harrington Cosmith Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, and The Duchess Revival by C.K. Brooke From: Pierma, Jordinia Status: AWOL Intelligence Agent (Ex-Spy) for the New Republic. Petty thief. Distinguishing characteristics: Good-looking, robust, tousled brown hair, deep brown eyes. Usually sports … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Jon

Meet the Hero: Miers

Meet Miers Full Name: Commander Miers Redding Featured in: Commanding His Heart by C.K. Brooke From: New Haven, Connecticut. Post-Revolutionary War 1780s Status: Commander in the Continental Navy during the Revolutionary War Distinguishing characteristics: Tall. Dark curls; gentle, patient, slightly distracted demeanor. Motivations: Rescuing the innocent and protecting those he loves. Miers’ Story:A goodhearted Quaker … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Miers

Meet the Hero: James

Meet James Full Name: Captain James Morrow Featured in: Capturing the Captain by C.K. Brooke From: Outer Hebrides, Scotland in 1720Status: Privateer, pirate catcher. Captain of The Indomitable Distinguishing characteristics: Muscular, broad shouldered, shaved head with a scar going up the side. Motivations: Atonement, the quest for freedom and pardon for himself and his shipmates. … Continue reading Meet the Hero: James