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I am an American Copy Editors Society (ACES)-certified book editor serving indie authors and small presses with unmatched friendliness, promptness, and professionalism since 2016. My obsession is delivering YOU a polished, publication-ready manuscript well before your deadline!

My all-inclusive copy and line editing package covers: PUGS (punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling), clarity, tone/delivery, story consistency, mild fact-checking, and polite suggestions to improve dialogue, character development, and more. Proofreading is also available.

Specialty genres: New & Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Historical, Women’s Fiction, Memoir, Children’s, Non-fiction, Novellas & more

Your Book is a Star, So Let’s Make it Shine!

Complete the form or email authorckbrooke [at] gmail [dot] com to get started today!

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Rates, references, and sample edits are available upon request.
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9 thoughts on “Editing

  1. Caity was my editor for my two books, “The Songs In Our Hearts,” and “The Songs We Remember.” And as my very first editor in the publishing industry, I have to say that I was among the luckiest. She was so patient with me, helped me to explore my characters, build upon them, gave me helpful suggestions and was always open to talking me through any questions or concerns I ever had. As someone who had never had such direct editing attention, Caity was so fantastic. To this day, I’m so grateful to have had Caity set the standard for me.

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  2. I highly recommend using C.K.

    I used C.K. Brooke to do a final proofread on both my award-winning contemporary romances, and I’m so glad she did. Despite going through the wringer in copy-editing and me doing a read-a-loud tool, I was surprised that there were still a few little things on every page! Together we gave the MS the final polish that helped my books read professionally to readers and award judges alike. I have also worked with C.K. on smaller projects–blurb re-read, brainstorming, website craft, and more. Her services are quick, professional, thorough, and insightful. She is also available for discussion on any questions you might have. Send her a sample today and see if you’ll be a fit, but I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be!

    Liz Hsu,

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  3. Caity takes the word professional to new heights. Her wealth of knowledge, speedy turnarounds, sensitivity to prose, responsiveness to any questions, and just awesome editing sets her apart from other editors I’ve worked with in the past. In fact, she’s pretty much spoiled me with her services, so she’s my go-to editor whether I’m submitting for traditional publication or independently publishing. I can’t imagine using anyone else. She takes editing beyond grammar and syntax and considers voice and poetic devices in prose as an integral part of the author’s storytelling, which is rare. A less experienced editor might strip an author’s uniqueness but not Caity. She recognizes that perfect grammar doesn’t equal perfect stories and that lets the piece come alive on the page. She manages to balance that blend of correctness and voice to keep prose clear and lets them sing. I consider her an invaluable asset to my author journey.

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  4. Caity has edited a number of fiction novels for 48fourteen. She is meticulous and thorough. In addition to copy editing, she digs in deep and keeps an eye out for structure and plot, providing the author with valuable suggestions to strengthen both. She completes projects at a ridiculously fast pace—which, I envy, if I must be honest—while churning out high-quality work. Caity is open and enjoyable to communicate with. As an indie publisher, I value our working relationship. Caity is an asset to 48fourteen and would be for any project she takes on.

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  5. I’ve worked with Caity on four books now and definitely recommend her. Not only does she catch all my mistakes and help me punch up my prose, she always has great insight on improving the characters and the story. I especially appreciate that she takes the time to point out what I’m doing well, too. She cheers me on and I can tell she loves her work. She also manages to provide thoughtful, thorough edits very quickly!

    Holly M Campbell/Holly Campbell

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  6. How I adore my editor, let me count the ways! I was lucky to find her 5 years ago, and she’s been editing my romance novels ever since. She sees things you won’t no matter HOW many times you read your manuscript. She is thorough, sharp, and gives critical editing while also sprinkling encouragement and praise throughout. I’ve learned a lot from her also. She keeps up with writing trends you may not even know exist! A perfect blend of a professional who not only points out errors but compliments along the way so you know what you did right. 😉 That was what I needed in an editor and I’m lucky to have found her.

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  7. Caity is the most thorough, knowledgeable copy editor I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve been in the newspaper business most of my adult life and thus worked with lots of editors. As an author myself, I’ve found her work on my manuscripts to be impeccable and her wisdom on all matters of successful writing, extremely helpful. I highly recommend her.

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