I, Guinevere Glossary

Guinevere – Titular character, heir to the throne of Pendrakon, sole yielder of the magical sword, Exkalibur.
Morgan – Guinevere’s best friend, apprentice to the High Priestess of Avalon
Arthur – Morgan’s half-brother
Gavin – Friend of Arthur
Percy – Friend of Arthur
Lancelot “Lance” Dulac – Friend of Arthur and enemy of Guinevere, until he becomes Guinevere’s teacher in swordplay
Lady Vivien – The formidable High Priestess of Avalon
Mordred – Vivien’s adult son
Merlyn – A powerful wizard
William – Guinevere’s uncle
Philip – Guinevere’s uncle
Hugh – Guinevere’s uncle
Grandpapa – Guinevere’s grandfather, who raised her
The Bryttons – The people of Camylot and beyond
The Saxyns – An invading army, rumored to have killed the last king & queen
Exkalibur – A magical sword that yields only to Camylot’s one, true ruler
Secace – Lance’s sword
Camylot – The Kingdom the Pendrakons rule over
Avalon – A mystical isle in another realm across the lake from Camylot
Nimue – An Avalon priestess
Aine – An Avalon priestess who has taken a vow of silence
Paladin – Lance’s horse
Constantine Pendrakon – The late King Uther’s father
Leodegrance – Guinevere’s father, a knight slain in battle before she was born
Melantha – Guinevere’s mother, who died in childbirth
Uther – The late King of Camylot
Igraine – The late Queen of Camylot