Mission Statement

I write because I have something to say.

I write to say that love is the greatest prize to be won.

…that heroines can be vulnerable, imperfect, and ordinary.

…that every girl is a princess, or a queen, in her own right.

…that we should give villains a chance to speak, a chance to be understood, and a chance to change. They might just become the heroes.

I write to say that love does not always come easy and sometimes must be fought for – with our lives.

…that love and friendship can arise from unexpected places and between the unlikeliest of people. And this creates the strongest bond of all.

…that human connection, and the ability to overcome darkness with the light of our connectivity, is never to be underestimated.

…that answering the call of who we’re designed to be is our highest calling. Sometimes that includes great sacrifice, but is never devoid of great love.

…that adversity can become adventure, with the right perspective.

…that you are not alone. When you read my stories, you belong.

While my stories may all be different, these are the messages that prevail throughout each. I am dedicated to writing novels because I believe that good always triumphs over evil, love always conquers all, and everyone deserves a Happily Ever After.

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