My review of amazon’s cinderella (2021)

Image courtesy of IMDb My 9-year-old son and I loved the first 2 acts of Amazon's 2021 Cinderella adaptation. It was funny, colorful, upbeat, and lighthearted. However, the movie completely fell apart at the end. It’s like the writers threw their hands up and said, “Never mind!” and just decided to abandon all conflict and … Continue reading My review of amazon’s cinderella (2021)

Whisper Release Day!

🎉 It's Release Day! 🎉In the mood for Fantasy, Romance, and a spooky Christmas tale?Get lost in my newest book!Available in ebook & paperback:Buy NowAdd to GoodreadsThank you for helping Whisper reach #1!ABOUT THE BOOK:Featuring an exclusive interview with the author! Kestrel Rosemont just wants a place to belong. An artist at heart, stuck with a prim, practical family that doesn’t … Continue reading Whisper Release Day!

“Lady Greensleeves” is a Free Audio Book on YouTube!

Lady Greensleeves, my novelized adaptation of the folksong "Greensleeves," is now a free audio book you can listen to on YouTube! Start listening here: