Meet the Heroine: Lucie

Meet Lucie

Photo by Alice Alinari. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Luccia Camerlane

From: Backshore, Tybiria, East Halvea

Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke

Status: Baron of Backshore’s daughter

Distinguishing characteristics: Heppestonian heritage, soulful eyes, always wears an amethyst pendant from her late mother.

Motivations: Compassion for others and doing what’s right

Lucie’s Story
Lucie is madly in love with the Prince of Tybiria. She’s also engaged to marry the Prince of Tybiria. Only one issue: there are two princes, and she’s engaged to the wrong one. The royal engagement party becomes even unluckier when an enemy king invades and kidnaps her newly betrothed. Now she and her true love—her fiancé’s brother, Prince Geo—must set off to rescue the Crown Prince from certain death. If they fail, an innocent man dies. If they succeed, then Lucie will spend the rest of her life with the brother of the man she loves. What does Lucie’s destiny hold?

Find out in The Wrong Prince!

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