Meet the (Other) Heroine: Johanna

Meet Johanna Photo by Tiko Giorgadze. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Johanna Cosmith Featured in: The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke From: Rhys, Jordinia Status: Daughter of the late Duke and Duchess of Jordinia Distinguishing characteristics: Wild curly hair; flirtatious. Perhaps a bit too experienced with gentlemen… Motivations: Johanna is carrying an unexpected surprise and she … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Heroine: Johanna

Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet Jothann Photo by Daan Mooij. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Jothann von Sparx Featured in: The Last Empress by C.K. Brooke From: District of Turane, Jordinia Status: Former scholar and paperboy turned soldier. Secret leader of an underground revolution. Distinguishing characteristics: Young, blond, contemplative, fiercely intelligent. Humble, gentle, idealistic and progressive. Motivations: Enlightenment, revolution, … Continue reading Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet the Hero: Casmir

Meet Casmir Full Name: Casmir Abdul Featured in: The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke From: Al-Habar Status: Sultan of Al-Habar Distinguishing characteristics: Tan, shaved head, aquiline nose. Liquid brown eyes, broad-shouldered, extremely handsome. Deep voice. Patient, slow to anger; but once angry, his justice can be formidable. Motivations: Making his nation a better place and … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Casmir