Meet the (Other) Heroine: Johanna

Meet Johanna

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Johanna Cosmith

Featured in: The Duchess’s Descendants by C.K. Brooke

From: Rhys, Jordinia

Status: Daughter of the late Duke and Duchess of Jordinia

Distinguishing characteristics: Wild curly hair; flirtatious. Perhaps a bit too experienced with gentlemen…

Motivations: Johanna is carrying an unexpected surprise and she is determined to do anything to hide it from her family and find a solution, far away…

Johanna’s Story:
One too many trysts with the Earl of Tremblay—whom Johanna was never too serious about, and who certainly isn’t that serious about her— have led to an unexpected predicament for the young woman. By inviting herself on her brothers’ risky expedition abroad, Johanna hopes to hide her secret from her aunt and uncle, the Emperor and Empress, and handle the situation someplace remote and far away. But one of the royal guardsmen accompanying her begins to suspect too much. To complicate matters, he’s irresistibly handsome and kind…

Join Johanna in The Duchess’s Descendants, Jordinia: Book 4 by C.K. Brooke!


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Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet Jothann

Photo by Daan Mooij. Courtesy of Unsplash.

Full Name: Jothann von Sparx

Featured in: The Last Empress by C.K. Brooke

From: District of Turane, Jordinia

Status: Former scholar and paperboy turned soldier. Secret leader of an underground revolution.

Distinguishing characteristics: Young, blond, contemplative, fiercely intelligent. Humble, gentle, idealistic and progressive.

Motivations: Enlightenment, revolution, and change. He deeply believes in his cause.

Jothann’s Story:

A young scholar who lost everything and became impoverished when his father died, Jothann von Sparx’s brilliant mind never stopped tracing the patterns of history and current events. He longs to be at the heart of the progressive movement, to go where the wind is blowing, and to implement a new world order. His ideas could change the world. But he was never expecting to come face-to-face with the Empress of Jordinia. Although she’ll never change his mind, she does change his heart. Yet, only time will tell if it’s for better or for worse…

Read more for FREE on Wattpad, The Last Empress: A Jordinia Prequel.

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Meet the Hero: Casmir

Meet Casmir

Full Name:
Casmir Abdul

Featured in: The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke

From: Al-Habar

Status: Sultan of Al-Habar

Distinguishing characteristics: Tan, shaved head, aquiline nose. Liquid brown eyes, broad-shouldered, extremely handsome. Deep voice. Patient, slow to anger; but once angry, his justice can be formidable.

Motivations: Making his nation a better place and improving the lives of his citizens. Weeding out corruption while keeping his promises to the people.

Casmir’s Story:
A beloved war general who was instrumental in overthrowing Al-Habar’s last dictator, Casmir was instated as sultan by popular demand. His stepson, the son of his late wife, is set to succeed him, but Casmir has some suspicions about the young prince. When his stepson invites a duchess from a faraway kingdom to the palace in order to court her, Casmir finds himself irrevocably drawn to her. His desire to get to know the girl clashes against his commitment to keep her safe as conspiracy, danger, and intrigue run rampant behind palace walls…

Find out what happens in The Emperor’s Daughters: Jordinia, Book 5 by C.K. Brooke!


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