Meet the (Other) Hero: Bram

Meet Bram Photo by Paolo Nicolello. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Officer Abram Visigoth Featured in: The Duchess’s Descendants: Jordinia, Book 4 by C.K. Brooke From: Pierma, Jordinia Status: Officer of the Royal Guard Distinguishing characteristics: Very tall. Calm demeanor. Dark eyes and hair with a violet sheen. Motivations: Duty, honor, and service. Compassion. Bram’s … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Hero: Bram

Meet the (Other) Heroine: Mal

Meet Mal Photo by Laura Gomez. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Mallory Cotts Featured in: The Golden Dove by C.K. Brooke From: The Kingdom of Dorsett Status: Stable girl at Dorsett Castle Distinguishing characteristics: Long black hair, tall and gangly. Gentle and modest; good with horses. Motivations: Just to take and live each day as … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Heroine: Mal

Meet the (Other) Heroine: Pavi

Meet Pavi Full Name: Pavola Ward Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke From: Wintersea Fortress, Llewes, East Halvea, World of Jordinia. Status: Ward of the king Distinguishing characteristics: Tiny and slender. Cropped red hair. Extremely intelligent. Taught herself to read and loves devouring tomes about science and mathematics. Motivations: To escape the oppressive … Continue reading Meet the (Other) Heroine: Pavi

Meet the Hero: Mac

Meet Mac Full Name: Marley Macmillan Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, The Duchess Revival, The Duchess’s Descendants, and The Emperor’s Daughters by C.K. Brooke From: Jordinia and the Knights’ Forest Status: Forest dweller on a quest Distinguishing characteristics: Dark hair, freckles, hazel eyes. Average height and build. Sweet, brave, and trustworthy. Often … Continue reading Meet the Hero: Mac

Meet the Heroine: Raphaela

Meet Raphaela Photography by Averie Woodard. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Grand Duchess Raphaela Ducelle From: Jordinia Featured in: The Emperor's Daughters by C.K. Brooke Status: Grand Duchess of Jordinia Distinguishing characteristics: Long black hair, green eyes, freckles, a slightly hoarse voice. Motivations: Independence, novelty, freedom. Raphaela wants to travel the world and make her … Continue reading Meet the Heroine: Raphaela