Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Meet Jothann Photo by Daan Mooij. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Jothann von Sparx Featured in: The Last Empress by C.K. Brooke From: District of Turane, Jordinia Status: Former scholar and paperboy turned soldier. Secret leader of an underground revolution. Distinguishing characteristics: Young, blond, contemplative, fiercely intelligent. Humble, gentle, idealistic and progressive. Motivations: Enlightenment, revolution, … Continue reading Meet the (Anti-)Hero: Jothann

Book Review: Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap

Anastasia’s Secret, published in March 2010, is an historical romance for teens written by Susanne Dunlap. The premise is that the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, youngest daughter of the last Tsar of Russia, had a love affair with one of the guards, Sasha, who imprisoned her and her family. In Dunlap’s world, the reason that Anastasia … Continue reading Book Review: Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap