Author Spotlight: Jeanette Walls

The Class Castle is the haunting memoir of Jeanette Walls, a girl growing up with three siblings and two irresponsible parents. Mostly living in unclean, unsafe conditions, Jeanette’s parents, Rex, an alcoholic, and Rose Mary, an aspiring artist who could not lay down her ambitions for the sake of her children, migrated their family from … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Jeanette Walls

Author Spotlight: Mitch Albom

To start with Mitch Albom's best, in my personal opinion, The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a lovely book. I count it among my favorites. It tells the story of Eddie, an old carnival ride operator, after he dies. The premise is that, in heaven, each of us meets the five people whose … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Mitch Albom

Book Review: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

The compelling, Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of Frank McCourt’s childhood, Angela’s Ashes is the story of the McCourt family in the 1940s. Their story starts in New York City, where Frank spent his earliest years, but soon the family returned to their native Ireland. The poorest family in their village, Frank’s father was an alcoholic who … Continue reading Book Review: Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt