New Release: As Told by Isolde, A Mythic Maidens Novella (Mythic Maidens #5)

My new novella is now available!

Cover art by Dragonpen Press Designs

“‘Tristan and Isolde’? More like stuff and nonsense…”

At age eighteen, Isolde of Ayrland is expected to master the healing arts and uphold her mother’s legacy as a healer, but she’s nowhere near ready for the undertaking. Though her mother’s always urging her to “trust herself,” Isolde doesn’t know the first thing about herself worth trusting.

When Isolde heals the wounds of a gallant stranger, little does she know he’s actually Trustan, nephew of the King of Lyonesse. Trustan’s uncle, King Marc, has been suffering a mysterious malady no one’s been able to cure. Isolde makes the voyage to the Isle of Lyonesse only to meet a prickly king who doubts her almost as much as she doubts herself. To make matters worse, whatever afflicts him is unlike anything she’s ever encountered—and completely impervious to her powers.

As castle intrigue and rumors abound, Marc and Trustan begin to confide in Isolde. She’s only there to do her job—not to befriend anyone, and certainly not to fall in love. But as danger looms and no one is who he appears to be, Isolde must decide whom to trust. Only, what if her own heart is the most deceptive one of all?

AS TOLD BY ISOLDE is the next YA fantasy romance novella in my award-winning Mythic Maidens series.
Includes a short bonus prequel!

My Newest Historical Romance, The Poet Bride, is FREE Exclusively on Readict!

As the publishing industry is ever-changing in this increasingly digital landscape, we writers must adapt to new ways of sharing our words with the world. Earlier this year, an innovative app developer reached out with an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m eager to announce that my newest historical romance, The Poet Bride, is now available exclusively on the FREE Readict app.

If you’re interested, you can download Readict at no cost via the app store on your phone, tablet, or device. My story and many others will be available to you there for free. (You may have to view ads between chapters, but a paid subscription is available if you prefer to read ad-free.)

Keep reading to learn more about the story. Thanks for being part of the journey!

About the Book

Baltimore, 1901: Aspiring poet Elly Owen is eighteen when her family takes on a boarder in the flat above their shop. The new tenant, dockworker Ben Porter, is the muse of Elly’s dreams: charming, masculine, and mysterious. They embark upon a whirlwind forbidden romance as secret lovers—until Ben abruptly disappears, leaving Elly reeling and disconsolate.

When a hidden betrayal surfaces, Elly resolves to go west to find Ben. Chaperoned by Jonathan, a young seminarian with hopes to marry her, she ventures to Maumee, Ohio in search of the truth. But what she discovers is a rustic life far removed from her romantic expectations, and a rocky marriage that just might rewrite everything she believed about love.

The Poet Bride is a character-driven period piece set in turn-of-the-last century America. The narrator’s candid examination of marriage, perseverance, and commitment to her heart at all costs will charm readers of historical romance and women’s fiction alike.

Note: The above link is for mobile devices and tablets only. If you’re on a laptop or desktop computer, the link may not work for you. If you don’t already have the Readict app installed, the link may take you to the app store. It will open directly to The Poet Bride if you have the latest version of Readict installed. Thank you!

F.A.Q.S about the new NOVEL & platform

Q: Is The Poet Bride available on Amazon?
A: No, The Poet Bride is my first-ever publication that will not be available on Amazon for the duration of its contract. It has been exclusively licensed to Readict.

Q: Will it be published in other formats (print, audio) or through any retailers?
A: No, not likely. The Poet Bride, for the foreseeable future, is digital-only as an ebook through Readict’s app only.

Q: Are you getting paid for ads viewed and/or downloads of Readict?
A: No, I am not getting paid from any ads, free downloads, or paid subscriptions of the app. I was compensated a one-time licensing payment up-front for my story. If readers download the app, subscribe to the paid version, view or click ads, it has no bearing whatsoever on my earnings.

Q: Are all of your books moving to Readict now?/Will your future stories be on an app?
A: No, all of my previously published titles will remain as they are. Most of my work is exclusive to Amazon Kindle as always. I’ve recently released some free ebooks on Nook, Kobo, Scrib’d, and other retailers, which you can view & download here.

While I can’t speak for all future works, at least the next novella in my Mythic Maidens series (TBR summer/fall 2021) and the sequel to Whisper (TBR sometime in 2022)will be joining their predecessors on Amazon as per usual. In other words, this is an experiment but is not likely to become the norm!

Q: Can I be a Readict author, too?
I thought you’d never ask! Readict is actively seeking submissions from new & published authors alike. Go to to learn how to submit your story. Please be sure to include that C.K. Brooke referred you. I do earn referral bonuses that way! 😉

Ready to join me?

Whisper Release Day!

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Kestrel Rosemont just wants a place to belong. An artist at heart, stuck with a prim, practical family that doesn’t always understand her imagination and whimsy, she longs to create a world of her own. 

When mysterious, whispering lights appear by the woods one winter night, Kestrel is drawn into an enchanted land of eternal spring, where an enigmatic prince welcomes her warmly, seeming convinced she’s his bride. As the Christmas holiday approaches, Kestrel straddles a secret double-life between home and the Whisper Kingdom. But beneath the surface, something dark is lurking with the power to end all she doesn’t even realize she holds dear. Soon, Kestrel must decide for herself where she truly belongs.

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