Who was Lady Greensleeves?

What is "Greensleeves"? "Greensleeves" is a traditional English folksong from the 16th or 17th century. You might better recognize the tune as the Christmas carol, "What Child Is This?" Trajan et Hadrian, Fair Use License. The lyrics are as follows:  Image courtesy of Pinterest You can listen to an instrumental guitar version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wARiOb80Zr0 Who Was … Continue reading Who was Lady Greensleeves?

Book Review: An Abundance of John Green

I'll start by saying I did not just recently discover John Green. I'd known about him since his guest appearances on PotterCast (going back to around 2008? 2009?), the NerdFighters, and The Fault in Our Stars, which I read and reviewed in 2013. I'd just never kept up with his other works.  I'm not exactly sure … Continue reading Book Review: An Abundance of John Green

Book Review: All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney

All-American Muslim Girl is a 2019 YA novel by Nadine Jolie Courtney. This book was one of my random Barnes & Noble finds while perusing the shelves in the store the other day. (Don't worry; I didn't stay long and I had my Scholastic "I ❤ Reading!" mask on.) One fleeting glance at the blurb … Continue reading Book Review: All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney

“Shell: A Short Story” is a Free Audio Book on YouTube!

https://youtu.be/24e9no-a8p8 You can now listen to my #YAMermaid short story, Shell, as a free audio book on YouTube! Or, you can read the ebook right here.

Fiction I Read in 2019

Twenty-nineteen was a busy year for me! Between releasing several publications, freelancing for a publisher, a major website overhaul and relocation, and life in general with my family, I took a break from writing book reviews for the year. But that doesn't mean I took a break from reading! While I mostly read nonfiction last … Continue reading Fiction I Read in 2019

Meet the (Anti-)Heroine: Tàlia

Meet Tàlia Photo by Mari Lezhava. Courtesy of Unsplash. From: The Kingdom of Dorsett Featured in: The Golden Dove by C.K. Brooke Status: Crown Princess of Dorsett Distinguishing characteristics: Slight, blonde, ill-tempered and intimidating Motivations: Preserving her crown and her kingdom the way she likes them, and keeping subordinates in their place. Tàlia’s StoryPrincess Tàlia … Continue reading Meet the (Anti-)Heroine: Tàlia

Meet the Heroine: Guinevere

Meet Guinevere Full Name: Guinevere Pendrakon From: Camylot Featured in: I, Guinevere by C.K. Brooke Status: Queen-to-be of Camylot Distinguishing characteristics: Long blond hair; has a special, innate connection to the sword, Exkalibur Motivations: Fighting for the ones she cares about, becoming the queen her kingdom needs. Guinevere’s StoryOn the winter solstice, a mysterious sword … Continue reading Meet the Heroine: Guinevere

Meet the Heroine: Artemis

Meet Artemis Photo by RMD Laurens. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Artemis From: Mt. Olympus and the island of Crete, Ancient Greece Featured in: Secrets of Artemis by C.K. Brooke Status: Olympian Goddess, Daughter of Zeus Distinguishing characteristics: Always carries a bow and arrow; expert hunter. Short dark hair; eternally youthful. Motivations: Discovering her own … Continue reading Meet the Heroine: Artemis

Meet the Heroine: Eponina

Meet Eponina Photography by Alice Alinari. Courtesy of Unsplash. Full Name: Lady Eponina Glen Wilqen From: Bainherd Plains, West Halvea, World of Jordinia Status: Princess of the Bainherd Plains Distinguishing characteristics: Opalescent eyes, gossamer-like hairMotivations: Bright and clever, Princess Eponina longs for the opportunity to use her intellect and be involved in matters of political importance. Eponina’s … Continue reading Meet the Heroine: Eponina

Meet the Heroine: Dainy

Meet Dainy Full Name: Eludaine Cecinda Ducelle Featured in: The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance, and The Duchess Revival by C.K. Brooke From: Born in Jordinia, raised in Heppestoni Status: The lost Duchess of Jordinia, formerly believed to have been executed along with the royal family Distinguishing characteristics: Short hair, a bell-like voice, talented singer, small … Continue reading Meet the Heroine: Dainy