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Kestrel Rosemont just wants a place to belong. An artist at heart, stuck with a prim, practical family that doesn’t always understand her imagination and whimsy, she longs to create a world of her own. 

When mysterious, whispering lights appear by the woods one winter night, Kestrel is drawn into an enchanted land of eternal spring, where an enigmatic prince welcomes her warmly, seeming convinced she’s his bride. As the Christmas holiday approaches, Kestrel straddles a secret double-life between home and the Whisper Kingdom. But beneath the surface, something dark is lurking with the power to end all she doesn’t even realize she holds dear. Soon, Kestrel must decide for herself where she truly belongs.

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Meet the Merry Maidens

My upcoming novel, Marian, Princess Thief: A Robin Hood Retelling, is full of strong, kick-butt heroines! In preparation for its release, I thought I’d let you in on a special preview of the characters, Lady Marian’s Merry Maidens:

Name: Alaina Dale
Pseudonym: “Alan-a-Dale”

Origin: Once a minstrel in a traveling pack of troubadours
Outlawed: By choice
Weapon of choice: Her voice or dagger
Hair: Golden locks
Eye color: Hazel
Traits: Animated, lighthearted, and always merry, even in the midst of danger. A talented bard, ballad composer, and actress. Can imitate voices, tell stories, and play multiple instruments.

Name: Little Jane
Pseudonym: “Little John”

Origin: Strongest girl in her village
Outlawed: For being masculine and competitive, deemed unmarriageable. 
Weapon of choice: Bow & arrows
Long and white-blonde
Eye color: Blue-green
Traits: Strong, athletic, skilled hunter and archer. Tall, muscular. While she may be a woman of few words, she is fiercely loyal with the heart of a warrior.

Name: Willa Scarlett
Pseudonym: “Will Scarlet”

Origin: Fitznotsley
Outlawed: Promiscuity
Weapon of choice: If not her womanly wiles, a sword
Hair color:
Long, chestnut
Eye color: Brown
Traits: Attractive, seductive, opinionated, brave, sense of humor. Unafraid to challenge authority and speak her mind. Can be hotheaded.

Name: Midge the Miller’s Daughter
Pseudonym: “Much the Miller’s Son”

Origin: Daughter of a miller
Outlawed: Killing a man in self-defense
Weapon of choice: Axe
Auburn, cropped short
Eye color: Hazel
Traits: Small in stature but bighearted. Though frequently anxious or apprehensive, she overcomes it through her bravery. Midge is often the cautious one and a voice of reason.

Name: Satara
Pseudonym: The Saracen

Origin: Unknown
Outlawed: Likely escaping persecution
Weapon of choice: Scimitar
Hair: Long, dark
Eye color: Brown
Traits: Satara doesn’t speak the maidens’ tongue and is mostly silent, but they suspect she’s on the run from persecution as a Saracen woman. She is a master seamstress and cook, and manages the maidens’ costumes and disguises. She’s also deadly with a scimitar. 

Name: Sister Mary Tuck
Pseudonym: “Friar Tuck”

Origin: Nun from a convent
Outlawed: Fleeing the convent to escape priestly abuse
Weapon of choice: Prayer
Hair: Mousy brown, shoulder length
Eye color: Blue
Traits: Sweet and unassuming. A woman of great faith, she would’ve been happy in the convent – if not for all the lust and corruption. Tuck is often the moral guidepost of the group.

Name: Lady Marian
Pseudonym: “Rob-in-Hood”
Origin: Princess of Sherwood
Outlawed: Rebelling against her uncle, Prince John’s despotic reign over Sherwood in her father’s absence 
Weapon of choice: Bow & arrows
Long, red, often worn in a braid
Eye color: Green
Traits: Strong-willed, courageous, and a bold leader, Marian is on a vendetta to commit every act of rebellion in her power to undermine her uncle’s reign, including stealing from his rich supporters & benefactors to give to the suffering poor.

…and Meet the Villain

Name: Rainault Wendenal
Title: Sheriff of Nottingham

Hair: Black hair & beard
Eye color: Midnight

Rob-in-Hood’s sworn enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, will stop at nothing to catch the lawless thief and his so-called Merry Men. He isn’t expecting to be the one who’s caught…