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The Mythic Maidens Series

The Mythic Maidens series is my most popular, award-winning series! Fans of YA mythology, folklore & legend retellings will love rediscovering the timeless tales of mythical goddesses, legendary queens, and rebel princesses in their own voices like never before. Each Mythic Maidens novel is a standalone book that can be read on its own, or in any order.

Mythic Maidens Novels:

  • Secrets of Artemis
    Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Honoree, 2017
  • I, Guinevere
    Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award Honoree, 2019
  • Marian, Princess Thief
    Best Indie Book Award Winner – Young Adult, 2020
  • Lady Greensleeves: A Mythic Maidens Novella
  • As Told by Isolde: A Mythic Maidens Novella
  • The Mythic Maidens Collection Boxed Set: Books I-III + Bonus Novella

All 3 award-winning novels are available in e-book, paperback, and audio book formats, voiced by Katherine Billings and Catherine Overington. A boxed set collection of the books, plus one novella, is also available on Amazon in e-book format only.

American Pirate Romances

My American Pirate Romances are for adult readers of historical romance. Each book features a sexy pirate and his brave, strong-willed American maiden on a harrowing cross-continental voyage at sea. Both novels are set in separate eras with a whole different cast of characters, so they are standalone stories that can be read alone or in either order.

American Pirate Romance Novels:

  • Capturing the Captain
    2016 RONE Award Nominee & 2017 Best Banter Finalist
  • Commanding His Heart

The e-book and paperback versions are published by Limitless Publishing. Audio book versions, voiced by Anneliese Rennie, are also available where digital audio books are sold.

World of Jordinia Romances

The World of Jordinia romances take place in a fantasy universe. They can be read in either sequence, as each is a standalone title. If you love romantic adventures like Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, the works of Alexandre Dumas and The Prisoner of Zenda, you’ll love this pair of romantic fantasy adventure novels that feature a rescue mission and a treasure hunt gone wrong!

World of Jordinia Novels:

  • The Red Pearl
  • The Wrong Prince
    Global Ebook Awards Honorable Mention – Fantasy, 2017

Both books are available in e-book, paperback, and audio book formats, voiced by Katherine Billings and Catherine Overington.

The Jordinia Saga

The Jordinia Saga was my debut romantic YA fantasy series that was described as a mash-up between Anastasia and The Princess Bride. It featured a lost duchess and the quest to find her. The rest of the series followed the duchess and her companions’ adventures to uncover her inheritance and restore her throne. E-books of this series are currently out-of-circulation, but paperbacks and audio books of the first 3 titles are still available.

The Jordinia Saga Reading Order:

  • Book One: The Duchess Quest
    A Shelf Unbound Top 100 Notable Indie Book, 2015
  • Book Two: The Duchess Inheritance
  • Book Three: The Duchess Revival
  • Book Four: The Duchess’s Descendants
  • Book Five: The Emperor’s Daughters
  • Prequel: The Last Empress: A Jordinia Prequel Diary

Books 1-3 are still sold in paperback and audio book formats, the latter voiced by Leah Casey. Books 4 & 5 are currently out-of-circulation in all formats. You can listen to the free prequel audio story here.


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